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SUBSET is a catalyst for artistic, social and cultural activities throughout Ireland. We engage in projects, initiatives, trials and tribulations through public art and placemaking. We believe public art specifically has implications in the social sphere by enhancing individual and community empowerment, skills development, social integration & inclusion.

In his 1938 book, “Art As Experience”, John Dewey argued that art, exiled to museums, had become disconnected from the daily experience of life. He believed that aesthetic experience was the basis of art and that it is present in every part of human life. Public art is unique in the sense that if you attend a gallery you are prepared to see art. When you stumble across public art it can act as an intervention to the monotony of daily life. It encourages people to think about how their cities should look and feel. It promotes citizenship, civic engagement and community participation. Public art is a reflection and expression of the city’s life and culture.

Three of our public artworks are currently before the District Court of Ireland. This will be the first time a matter of this nature is before the courts and therefore the ruling will set legal precedent. The prosecution made a last minute application to vacate the proceedings. These matters may now be escalated to civil proceedings before the Circuit Court. Can't wait :)

However if the cases are ruled in our favour this will pave the way for the introduction of a Public Art Bill to Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliment), with the intended result being amendment of our existing legislation. This would enable a simplified process for the creation of public artwork, which we believe will lead to a significant improvement in our cities visual environments, and their engagement with a wider range of artistic and cultural endeavours.

"We need to think about who has had the power to define what art is and who an artist is, and to really think about that from a bottom-up grassroots perspective rather than from a top-down, market-driven one." - further reading.

This has and will always be the very essence of SUBSET. If you wish to support our endeavours please scroll to the bottom of this page to contribute. --

Some of our story as it has been presented and communicated by press & media. Don't believe everything you read in the papers:

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